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Enhancements to Question Tagging in the Quiz Generator

July 24, 2020 | 1 Minute Read

Question tags were introduced a few years ago to help faculty and TAs organize the sometimes extensive set of questions in the Quiz Generator for their courses. When you have upwards of 500 questions in the question bank in your course, tagging becomes a powerful tool for organizing and finding questions related to specific content areas.

As the CoursePlus team works to introduce new ways to build quizzes or exams based on question tagging, the tagging tools in CoursePlus become ever more important. To that end, we recently made the following changes to question tagging in CoursePlus:

  • You can now add question tags to question blocks.
  • Filtering by question tags is now available on the main question bank page.
  • Question tags are now displayed in alphanumeric order on the manage questions and main question bank page.
  • When filtering by more than one question tag, each tag is additive and matches questions only with all the selected question tags. Previously, the filter would match any question which had any of the selected tags.
  • The user interface for adding tags to a quiz question has been updated to automatically add questions when the space bar or enter keys are pressed. Clicking the + sign to add a tag to a question has been removed.

We hope that these changes make it easier and quicker for you to work with question tags! If you have any questions about question tag features, please contact CTL Help!