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New Table Tools in the Rich Text Editor in CoursePlus

September 28, 2016 | 0 Minute Read

There's a powerful rich text editor used in many tools in CoursePlus. It's not quite the same as editing a document in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, but it provides a lot of formatting and media insertion options when creating text in CoursePlus. While this tool has had table editing tools for a long time, we heard from some faculty that they didn't know that they could add tables to text fields in CoursePlus, and that editing table layout and properties was just too hard.

We're pleased to announce that the rich text editor found throughout CoursePlus has an all-new, easily discoverable set of tools for creating tables! The new tools make setting up a table, adding or deleting rows and columns, and merging rows and cells much easier:

Icons representing the new table tools in CoursePlus.

The new table tools can be found at the top of almost every rich text editor in CoursePlus. We hope you find them easier to use than before!