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New Syllabus Editing Workflow Now Live

May 26, 2015 | 1 Minute Read

The new syllabus editing workflow for sections of a CoursePlus syllabus linked to the JHSPH course system is now live. This new workflow was detailed in this previous CTL blog post, but here is a shorter recap:

This workflow came out of the School’s recent accreditation cycle and will ensure consistency between what students see about courses in both the JHSPH course system and CoursePlus. This new workflow only affects the following sections of a CoursePlus syllabus: Course Description, Why Take this Course, Course Learning Objectives, Methods of Assessment, Intended Audience, and Prerequisites. All other sections of content in a CoursePlus syllabus are not subject to this new workflow.

The new workflow is as follows: you can edit any of the above listed sections as often as you like in CoursePlus, but changes will not be seen by students until you submit your edits to the JHSPH course system for review. Once you submit your edits to the JHSPH course system, you will not be able to edit these sections in CoursePlus until your submitted edits are reviewed as part of the normal course system change workflow. The review process in the JHSPH course system is usually handled by your departmental academic coordinator, and should take a few days, or less. Once your edits are approved, they will automatically be pushed to CoursePlus and visible to students. You can repeat this cycle as often as you wish, until two weeks after the start of the term in which the course is offered. After that time, no additional edits can be made in CoursePlus to the above linked sections.

If you have questions about this new workflow, please feel free to contact either CTL Help or your departmental academic coordinator.