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New Poll Everywhere Features

May 07, 2014 | 0 Minute Read

Attention Poll Everywhere users. Some new features have been introduced this past year that you may want to incorporate into your upcoming classes. Here are some highlights, along with instructions on how to implement.

  • Clickable image polls. Clickable image polls allow you to ask your audience to respond by clicking or tapping the area of an image you upload. You can use it for photographs, illustrations, charts etc. Test it out!
  • Graphical instructions for open-response polls. Sometimes your audience doesn’t quite get which code to put in front of their message. Or perhaps you want a dramatic unveiling of the responses. You want to show the poll question, but not the results until they’re all in. Instructions.
  • HTML5 charts. Improves PowerPoint reliability, better navigation between polls, customizable fonts, improved appearance on tablets and phones. Instructions.
  • Scheduling polls to automatically start and stop. You can start and stop your polls at a time you schedule in advance. Instructions.

To see more new Poll Everywhere features, visit the website.