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New Online Library Coming to CoursePlus

October 13, 2011 | 1 Minute Read

For the past few years, the online course system has been using a different version of the Online Library than CoursePlus. With the start of the second term, that's about to change.

The new Online Library in CoursePlus will match its online course counterpart in features and includes some powerful, new ways to work faster and organize files better. These include:

  • A merge of the old Online Library and Web Links tools. You now manage both files and weblinks in the same place. Students also see files and weblinks on the same Online Library page in CoursePlus sites.
  • Drag and drop reordering of files and folders in the library.
  • Record an Audio Note (brief audio recording) directly into the Online Library. That Audio Note is then automatically converted into an MP3 file for students to download.
  • Upload of multiple files at once.
  • Visual feedback while uploading files so you know how long the upload will take.
  • Replace a file with a new version without deleting the file from the library.
  • Open/close dates on folders as well as individual files.
  • Send an email to the entire class when you've uploaded a new file.
  • Block individual students from viewing specific files (good for hiding an answer key from students who have not completed a homework exercise.)
  • Track which students have downloaded which files or clicked on which weblinks in the library.
  • A streamlined, single-page interface for doing all the work you need to do in the Online Library.
We'll detail some of these new or improved features in upcoming blog posts. 

We expect that the new Online Library will be in CoursePlus by the end of October.