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New Features for Summer Term

July 14, 2015 | 1 Minute Read

The CoursePlus team is always working to improve the tools available to faculty, students, and staff in CoursePlus. This summer has been no different. In addition to some of the major, recently-announced features, here are a bunch of the new features just added to CoursePlus:

  • Quiz Generator: Students can now opt to hide the countdown timer on timed quizzes.
  • Quiz Generator: You are now given a warning if you try to add a question to a quiz where students have already started answering questions.
  • Drop Box: The total number of submissions out of all students in the class is now shown for each Drop Box on the main faculty Drop Box page.
  • Drop Box: The faculty and student main page views of the Drop Box have been reworked to be more mobile friendly.
  • Surveys: A unique, random identifier for each student is included on the Excel export of survey data. This allows for cross-referencing individuals across surveys without knowing the individual's identity.
  • Surveys: Responses to matrix/Likert scale questions are broken out into individual columns on the Excel version of the data. Previously, all responses for a single student were listed in a single column in the Excel file.
  • Surveys: All student views of survey pages are now mobile friendly.