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New CTLT Help Site

September 29, 2011 | 1 Minute Read

The CTLT Help team is responsible for technical support for online courses, CoursePlus, and TRAMS. They've created a lot of documentation and support information over the years, and that information is distributed across different websites. That's not really an ideal way for you to find information or for them to work. As a result, we've consolidated all of the CTLT Help and support/tutorial documentation onto a new CTLT Help site: http://ctlt.jhsph.edu/help/

The online course system is now pointing to this new site in most places. (Links in presentations or Word files may not yet be updated.) In the next week or so, help links in CoursePlus will also start pointing to this site. Additional frequently asked questions have been added to this site to address common isssues in CoursePlus, and this new site now links to the CoursePlus 101 movies for faculty.

There will still be in-page, contextual help movies for most course tools inside of the online courses and CoursePlus. There's no good reason to make you jump to a different website to see the help documentation on how to set up a quiz or return Drop Box files through the Gradebook. 

One additional advantage of having CTLT Help on a different site is this: if either the online courses website or CoursePlus becomes unavailable for some reason, you can still contact CTLT Help on this new site. That's very helpful in case of unexpected outages on CoursePlus or the online courses.