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Mid-Term Updates to the Online Course System

April 01, 2012 | 1 Minute Read

The Web Developer team in the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology continually updates the online course system with new features, improvements to existing features, and bug fixes. Since the start of the third term, the following changes and additions have been made:

  • Wikis: The file and link management window has been redesigned to make the core actions of inserting a file or a link into a wiki page simpler and clearer.
  • BBS Reports: The postings on the individual student BBS contribution report are now sorted by posting date, rather than the category/topic in which the post appeared.
  • BBS Reports: The date on which a student last posted in the course BBS is now displayed. If it's been more than a week since the course started and more than a week since the student last posted to the course BBS, the last post date is displayed in red. This can be useful for quickly identifying students who may not be contributing to the course.
  • Drop Box: If there are multiple Drop Boxes due at the exact same date and time, they are now displayed alphabetically, instead of by database ID order. 
  • Quiz Generator: The answer to the question is now displayed along with the question text on the "Grade all responses to a single question" page.
  • Quiz Generator: You can now choose to display the name of each student on the "Grade all answers to a single question" page.
  • LiveTalk Report: Students who have not attended any LiveTalks or watched any archives are flagged on the LiveTalk attendance report in red. Students who have only attended or watched the archive of one LiveTalk when there is more than one LiveTalk in the course are flagged on the LiveTalk attendance report in yellow. This makes it easier to see students who may not be participating in the course.
  • Proctor Information: Proctor City, State and ZIP code information has been split apart into separate columns on the Excel file of all proctors for students in the class.