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March 2011 Update to CoursePlus

March 23, 2011 | 1 Minute Read

On March 23, the Center rolled out an update to CoursePlus. This update includes the following new features:

  • Students: Online courses for which you have registered in ISIS are now listed when you sign in to CoursePlus. Clicking a link to an online course will take you to the main online course website.
  • Institute Courses: Faculty and editors can now add students who register for institute courses to their CoursePlus sitesĀ as students, and not just guests. This was done because institute courses have a mix of students who take courses for credit and non-credit, some of whom have JHED IDs and some of whom do not, and the time it can take to get a student registered in ISIS for an institute course can sometimes be longer than the institute course itself. Students who register for an institute course for credit via ISIS will still be automatically enrolled the appropriate CoursePlus site as a student. This additional tool has been added to handle those students who may not be automatically enrolled in a CoursePlus site. This new feature is only available to institute courses and not regular (section .01, .02, etc) courses.
  • Academic Coordinators: Academic Coordinators now have easier access to view all of the CoursePlus sites in their academic departments.