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Mac Users Experiencing “No Audio” Problem while Listening to Lectures

December 05, 2011 | 9 Minute Read

Recently, we’ve received several reports from Mac users that they’ve experienced problems hearing audio while playing lectures for online courses. The words “No Audio” would appear in the playbar while the slides continued to play.

Although this is an audio issue, the problem pertains to an Adobe software used to create lectures. If you play the mp3 files that accompany the lectures, you shouldn’t have a problem hearing the audio. However, we understand that it can be very frustrating to not be able to hear the audio when you play lectures, so we’ve contacted Adobe regarding the following problems:

  • Mac Lion OS (10.7.x) users unable to hear audio when playing lectures
  • All Mac users using a USB headset unable to hear audio when playing lectures

Adobe has been able to replicate the problems and is currently working on a fix that will be released around June of 2012. In the mean time, there is a quick workaround that will temporarily resolve the “no audio” problems:

  • For Lion users, simply refreshing your browser a couple of times will get the audio to start playing.
  • For All Mac users with a USB headset, you will need to unplug the headset while the lecture is playing. Once you hear the audio through your computer speakers, plug the headset back in and you should continue to hear audio through your headset.

Since these are temporary solutions, you may need to go through these steps every time you visit a lecture page. If these solutions do not work for you, please make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed.