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Listening to You About the 'My Calendar' Tab

March 02, 2015 | 0 Minute Read

When we launched the new "My Calendar" tab in CoursePlus in December of last year, we did so at the request of many students who wanted a single place to see due dates and activity event dates for all their classes in CoursePlus. Immediately after we launched the new "My Calendar" tab, we were asked why you could only show a month's worth of events at a single time when academic terms at the School are eight weeks long. We simply wanted to see how the new tool would perform under real-world usage before expanding the scope of the tool.

We're pleased to say that we listened to your feedback and you can now view up to eight weeks (a full academic term) worth of upcoming due dates and activity event dates for all of your classes in CoursePlus via the "My Calendar" tab. We'll continue to listen to you for refinements and enhancements to this and all other tools in CoursePlus, and thank you for your feedback!