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Lecture and LiveTalk Tracking Tools for Students

October 02, 2014 | 1 Minute Read

Faculty have long had the ability to track which lectures are viewed by each student in an online class and to track which LiveTalks each student attended. Students have asked us if they could have access to this same data as it helps them to keep track of their activity in a course. This is particularly important when a portion of their final grade in a class depends on some kind of minimum LiveTalk attendance or viewing of all course lectures.

The CoursePlus team has introduced a lecture view tracking tool and a LiveTalk attendance tool for students in online courses. Both of these tools can be found in the "Resources" section of every online course website.

For lectures, students can see:

  • Each lecture section in the class
  • How many times they watched the lecture in the class website
  • If they downloaded the MP4, MP3, Slides or Transcript (if any)

For LiveTalks, students can see:

  • Each LiveTalk attended
  • Length of time spent in the LiveTalk
  • If they didn't attend the session, if they watched the archive

We hope that these two new reports give students better insight into the work that they do in online courses and give greater visibilty into the data that is collected about their activity — especially when it relates to their final grade in a class.