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Grading TA Role Added to CoursePlus

July 29, 2014 | 1 Minute Read

We're always listening to the feedback given to us about CoursePlus. One request that has come in numerous times over the past few months is the ability to have TAs who can grade papers and exams, but not do anything else within a CoursePlus site. We're pleased to announce that this new role — the "Grading TA" role — has been added to CoursePlus.

This is a special, limited role and is not intended for most TAs. TAs in this role can only do the following:

  • Access course Drop Boxes
  • Access and score quizzes (but not edit or change quiz or question setups)
  • Access and enter grades in the Gradebook (but not edit or change the Gradebook setup)

TAs in this role cannot edit the syllabus, edit class sessions, manage the discussion forum, add files to the Online Library, or do any editing to the content of your CoursePlus site. Their access is limited to the activities listed above. You can add someone in the Grading TA role by going to the "Add TAs, Editors..." tool inside of your CoursePlus site.

We hope that those of you who have requested this feature find it a useful addition to CoursePlus!