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Faculty: Expected to Graduate Indicator Now Displayed on Course Rosters

June 23, 2010 | 1 Minute Read

When the end of the academic year rolls around, faculty who are currently teaching are under a bit of pressure to submit the grades for students who are graduating as quickly as possible. Although this information is available in ISIS, many faculty requested if this information could also be displayed in CoursePlus and online courses. Faculty tend to spend more time in CoursePlus/online courses than ISIS, so this made good sense.

When faculty or TAs view the course roster in either online courses or CoursePlus, they will now see a  indicator next to the names of students who are expected to graduate at the end of the current academic term. This icon appears when a student is expected to graduate in any academic term at the University — not just the end of the academic year at JHSPH.

Only faculty and TAs (or editors, in CoursePlus parlance) can see this information. No student or guest can see this information.

The expected to graduate indicator is currently only displayed on the course roster. It's possible that this indicator may be added to other tools, such as the Gradebook, class email tool, or Quiz Generator at some point in the future.