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Faculty: Download the PPT Used for an Online Lecture from Within CoursePlus

July 19, 2016 | 1 Minute Read

Faculty and staff involved in online courses can now download the source PowerPoint file for their online lectures from within CoursePlus itself. Previously, if you wanted a copy of the PowerPoint file for a lecture, you had to make the request from your course instructional designer. We've recently added a very simple tool to download the source PowerPoint file right into the Page Builder tool for your online course.

If you go to edit a Page Builder page in your online course, you will now see an icon to download the source PowerPoint file for each section in a lecture in the "Lecture Materials" box:

Download PowerPoint icon is to the right of each lecture section title.

To get to this page, go to "Faculty Tools" > "Page Builder" > and then click on the "Edit" link for the lecture in question. You can only download the source PowerPoint file from the "Edit" view in Page Builder. You (and students) cannot download the file from the lecture pages linked off the main course content page.

Please note that if the lecture was recorded in VoiceThread, or otherwise didn't follow the standard CTL lecture production process, the source PowerPoint will not be available to you when you edit a Page Builder page.