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Custom eReserves Link in Your CoursePlus Site

May 14, 2013 | 0 Minute Read

CoursePlus has long had the ability to add a quick link to the Welch eReserves system in the "Class Materials & Resources" section of your CoursePlus site. Did you know that you can provide a custom URL that points directly to your specific class in eReserves, rather than the main eReserves page for all courses?

When you set up an eReserves site with the Welch team, they can give you the direct link to the eReserves site just for your course. If you have that URL, you can add it to your CoursePlus site. Here's how:

  1. Go into your CoursePlus site, and click "Class Materials & Resources."
  2. Under "Link to eReserves," click "Edit."
  3. Enter the link that the eReserves team gave to you for your specific eReserves site.
  4. Click "Update."

Now when students click on the eReserves link in your CoursePlus site, they'll go directly to the eReserves site for your course. Remember that the button for "Link to eReserves" must be green, meaning the feature is turned on, so that students can actually see the link.