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CoursePlus 101: Simple, How-To Videos for Faculty

August 24, 2009 | 1 Minute Read

Starting this month, this blog will become host to CoursePlus 101 — a series of simple, how-to videos for faculty who want to learn more about the various features in CoursePlus. These demonstrations will each be under 5 minutes and each show how to accomplish one task within CoursePlus.

A lot of faculty are using CoursePlus to supplement their on-site courses from the School. Many, though, either delegate working on their CoursePlus sites to their TAs or administrative assistants or use CoursePlus for a single purpose, such as posting files in the Online Library. CoursePlus has a lot more to offer, and our hope is that through this series of short, video introductions, you'll learn more about those features and will begin to take advantage of them.

If you would like to be notified of when new CoursePlus 101 videos are posted, click on the "RSS Feed" link at the top of this page to be updated via your news reader, or enter your email address in the box to the right to be notified via email.

As always, your feedback is invaluable, so please feel free to leave comments about any of the videos that are posted. If you need technical support for CoursePlus, though, please be sure to contact the CoursePlus Help Support Center!