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Copy Quizzes from Other Sections of the Same Course

August 05, 2014 | 1 Minute Read

Many faculty who use the Quiz Generator in CoursePlus teach multiple sections of the same course. These faculty frequently use the same quizzes in each section of the course. In the past, you had to manually re-create quizzes in the Quiz Generator across different sections of the same course as there was no way to copy quizzes from one section of a course to another.

You can now copy quizzes from one section (offering) of a course to another in the Quiz Generator. To do this, go to the Quiz Generator in your CoursePlus site and click the "Copy Quizzes from Other Offerings" link.

Copy from Other Offerings Link

You will then see a list of all quizzes in all other offerings of that course from the past two years. You can select one or more quizzes to copy into the current CoursePlus site. When you copy a quiz, the title of that quiz is appended with ""Copy of Quiz from [ course number, course term, course academic year ]" so that it's easy to identify the copies. You can, of course, change the titles of the quizzes at any point.

There's one limitation to this feature: you can't copy the same quiz from the same offering of a course into the current CoursePlus site twice. Once a quiz is copied from a given offering of a course, it cannot be copied into the current CoursePlus site again.

If you have feedback about this new feature, we'd be happy to hear it!