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Changing the Deadline for Editing Course System-Linked Sections in the Syllabus

August 12, 2015 | 1 Minute Read

Since launching CoursePlus syllabus-to-JHSPH course system data integration last year, we've received a lot of feedback from faculty, academic coordinators, and senior academic administration about ways to make the integrations better. One of the major changes we implemented is that sections of content on your CoursePlus syllabus which are linked to the official JHSPH course system must be reviewed by your departmental academic coordiantor before publication to students. This process takes time, and CoursePlus was allowing changes to be made all the way up to the end of add/drop in a given academic term. This didn't work well for the review process, or for Summer Institute courses, where add/drop doesn't really apply.

Effective immediatley, editing of JHSPH course system-linked sections in your CoursePlus syllabus is now locked at 11:59pm on the first day of the academic term in which the course occurs. No changes to course system-linked sections can occur in CoursePlus after this time. You can still make changes after that time by working with your departmental academic coordinator directly within the JHSPH course system. You just can't make those changes in CoursePlus after 11:59pm on the first day of the academic term in which the course occurs.

We realize that this may be inconvenient for some faculty, but it's important that students have core course syllabus information which has been reviewed by all appropriate parties the day that the academic term for a course begins. Remember, though, that you can still keep making changes in the JHSPH course system after the first day of the academic term in which your course occurs. You just won't be able to do that in CoursePlus.