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BBS Updates for Second Term Courses

October 31, 2011 | 0 Minute Read

With the start of the second term, we've made a few changes and additions to the BBS which we hope you'll find useful:

  • References to websites (ie;  http://www.google.com/ ) in a post are now automatically converted into active hyperlinks.
  • Basic emoticon support has been added to the BBS. Listed below are supported emoticons:
    • :) or :-) = 
    • :( or :-( = 
    • :/ or :-/ = 
    • ;) or ;-) = 
    • :p or :-p = 
  • If a course BBS is new and has no categories, a "General" category is automatically created for you and a message is displayed indicating that additional categories can and should be set up in the BBS admin.
  • If a course BBS has only categories and no topics in those categories, a message is displayed instructing you to start adding topics by clicking the "Add Topic" button in the upper-left corner of the BBS.