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A Small But Nice Bonus: Download All Lecture Materials at Once

July 17, 2009 | 0 Minute Read

Snapshot of all PDFs and MP3s linkWe've added a small, but very handy feature to lecture pages in online courses. While we can't offer the ability to download an entire synchronized lecture presentation, you can now download all PDFs and MP3 files (if available) for a given lecture at one time. Every lecture in an online course now has a link at the bottom of the "Lecture Materials" box which states:

Download all PDFs and MP3s

Clicking on this link will cause a single ZIP file of all the PDFs and MP3s (if available) for that lecture to be downloaded to your computer. Instead of downloading each individual PDF or MP3 file for each lecture, you can now download all the PDFs and MP3s (if available) at once.

We hope you find this useful!