Signup Sheets

Signup Sheets allow faculty or TAs to create opportunities for which students signup for an event, a group, research ideas, or perhaps office hours. Signup Sheets can be converted to course groups and work with other tools that also uses groups. The uses are limitless.

Signup Sheets Admin


There are three types of Signup Sheets options. (More information on the options available for signup sheets here.)


All sheets have open and close dates so that faculty and TAs can control when students sign up. Students can add or remove themselves to a signup sheet, or sign up their entire course group — if that feature is enabled in the Signup Sheet setup. Faculty and TAs can even add students to a Signup Sheet if they need to. There is a history tool on each sheet that shows all signup activity by students, TAs, and faculty.


Faculty and TAs can see who has (and has not) signed up with a click of a button, send a reminder message to students to sign up on a sheet (or group of sheets) or add students for signups. There is also an option to export to Excel all data for a Signup Sheet or group of sheets.


Students can be sent an automatic reminder that they need to sign up for a Signup Sheet, sent one day before the signup period closes. Signup Sheet open/close dates also appear in the student "My Calendar" view and in the Daily Course Notifications



The Signup Sheets tool can be found under the "Resources" heading in the Faculty Tools area of every CoursePlus site.