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Putting Refugees First: Presentation of Goodermote Humanitarian Award to Sam Waterston

Recorded May 9, 2012 4:00 PM (EST)

Sam Waterston  

Emmy award-winning actor Sam Waterston is the recipient of the Goodermote Humanitarian Award from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health for his longtime support of refugees around the world. Waterston was presented with the award at a ceremony at the Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, Md., on May 9.

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Mountains Beyond Mountains - A Panorama of Vaccine Clinical Trials

Recorded May 2, 2012

Katherine L. O'Brien, MD, MPH   Professor, Department of International Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Dr. O'Brien is a recognized international expert in the areas of pneumococcal epidemiology, pneumococcal vaccine trials and impact studies, and surveillance for pneumococcal disease. She shares stories and lessons learned about the power and unintended consequences of vaccines, through her work treating children in Haiti, and on American Indian reservations. Sponsored by Office of the Dean

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It All Starts with Epi: The Integration of Epidemiology, Genetic Epidemiology and Epigenetics

Recorded April 30, 2012

Dani Fallin, PhD   Professor, Department of Epidemology, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

In this lecture, Dr. Dani Fallin unpacks the factors that can increase disease risk, including genetics, environment and age, to help us better understand the relationships among the disciplines of epidemeology, genetic epidemeology and epigenetics. Sponsored by Office of the Dean

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The 6th Annual George G. Graham Lectureship: Malnutrition: Fundamental Lessons When Standing on Shoulders of Giants

Recorded April 19, 2012

Michael HN Golden   Professor Emeritus Department of Medicine, University of Aberdeen

Professor George G. Graham, MD, founding director of the Human Nutrition Division in the Department of International Health, was a leading expert in child nutrition whose discoveries continue to guide infant and child feeding practices. Family and friends endowed the School's first chair in human nutrition in his name in 2005, and in 2008 the Middendorf Foundation provided the Department's first endowed lectureship, in Dr. Graham's name, to highlight child and maternal nutrition issues of public health importance.

For more information: Center for Human Nutrition

Presented by the Middendorf Foundation.

Sponsored by International Health and the Center for Human Nutrition

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Health Systems, Planning, Results, and Evidence: Why Nothing is as it Appears

Recorded April 18, 2012

David H. Peters, MD, MPH, DrPH   Professor, Department of International Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

David Peters chronicles his quest to to find sustainable solutions to improve the health of disadvantaged people. Based on field work over decades in Uganda, the Phillipines, Sri Lanka, across Africa, in Afghanistan and with the World Bank, Peters believes to improve people's health, there is a continuous need to find different strategies and new ways of understanding how systems work. In this lecture Peters explains the complex adaptive system (CAS) approach to understand initiatives and scale up health services. Sponsored by Office of the Dean

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Food Sovereignty, Biopiracy, and the Future

Recorded April 10, 2012

Winona LaDuke   Environmentalist,

Anishinaabe environmentalist, farmer, activist, writer, and advocate for native communities Winona LaDuke addresses topics ranging from agricultural biodiversity, academic responsibility, the cool squash she's growing, and the redemptive, restorative properties of food, in all its forms, be they medicine, ancestors, or nourishment. Sponsored by Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health

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Pe Thet Khin on Fixing the Health System of Burma

Recorded April 10, 2012

Pe Thet Khin, MD   Minister of Health, Myanmar

Burma's minister of health Pe Thet Khin has two overriding goals: to enable citizens to reach their life expectancy and to ensure that every citizen is free from disease. He spoke to an audience at the Bloomberg School on April 10, 2012 about his vision and most pressing challenges: a severe shortage of health care workers and qualified health educators, inadequate health care facilities and substandard maternal and child health care.

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Health Challenges in Haiti

Recorded April 5, 2012

Jean William Pape, MD   Founder and Director of GHESKIO in Port-au-Prince, Haiti,

A massive earthquake, political unrest and a cholera epidemic. These are the issues, among others, that Haiti has grappled with over the past two years. Public health leader Jean William Pape provides an update on efforts to manage cholera, HIV/AIDs, tuberculosis and diarrheal diseases in the midst of massive economic, political and infrastructural challenges. Sponsored by Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health

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Dean's Lecture Series: Hygiene. Is the Revolution Over?
David M. Bishai, PhD, MD, MPH

Recorded March 27, 2012

David M. Bishai, PhD, MD, MPH   Professor, Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Sweden has one of the highest life expectancies in the world. But back around 1800 the average Swede only lived about 30 years. How did this drastic change in life expectancy happen? Dr. David Bishai explores that question in this talk, and discusses what can be learned from the hygiene revolution of the 19th century, in order to help other countries increase their life expectancies, only faster.

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Will Allen: Growing Power and the Future of Food

Recorded March 9, 2012

Will Allen, BA   Founder and CEO, Growing Power Inc.

Urban farming pioneer and visionary Will Allen spoke at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in March 2012, sharing information and insight into how his "Growing Power" farms produce a high volume of food in urban communities, profitably, and to the communities' benefit."

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