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Now that you have recorded your audio and installed the LAME MP3 converter, you can export your audio to mp3 format so that it can be posted online.

  1. Under Audacity's File menu, choose Export as MP3.
  2. Choose the audio file's save location and name it. Click Save.

  3. Choose Yes to locate the LAME lib file. Please note that you will only have to locate the LAME mp3 converter the first time you export to mp3. All future Export as MP3 commands will skip this step once you perform it the first time.

  4. You will need to navigate to the location where you saved the libmp3lame.dylib file in order to select the file. Click Open.

  5. Edit the ID tags for your mp3. This will make it easier for users to identify the file when they play it back in iTunes or another MP3 player. Click OK.

  6. The file now appears where you chose to save it and can be posted online.

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