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Apr 13 2017

Grant Special Access to a Page Builder Page

Every few months, faculty contact the CTL Help team to find out if there's a way to give a single student early access to content in their course. The student is ususally traveling when content becomes available to the rest of the class, and not having early access may mean falling behind on class work due to travel constraints.

Faculty and TAs can now grant special access to a Page Builder page to a student in their class. This enables faculty and TAs to allow individual students early access to a page in their course, before that page becomes available to all students. The tool also allows them to grant individual students access to a page after it is no longer available to students in the class.

Screenshot of the new manage special access to a page tool

Only the currently selected student will have special access to the selected page. If more than one student needs special access to the page, each student needs to be given special acccess individually. To make a change that affects access to all students in the class, the change needs to be made via the Schedule Builder tool in the website for the course.

The special access tool also has a log of who was given special access, when, and by whom.

We hope that this addition will make the management of your online courses easier! If you have questions about how this tool works, please contact CTL Help.

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Apr 4 2017

Interface Refresh for the On-Campus Class Sessions Tool

Many changes have been made to the on-campus Class Sessions tool to make editing of sessions easier, re-ordering of sessions more intuitive, and to provide greater consistency between the different pages in the tool. You can now link to Page Builder pages from the Class Sessions tool and preview surveys from on-campus class sessions. Multiple actions have been combined into a single "Actions" menu, rather than repeating them for every class session or hiding them behind layers of information.

You can see from a comparison of the previous version of the class sessions tool on the left and the refreshed class sessions tool on the right that the changes, while many, are relatively minor:

Side by side comparison of old and refresh class sessions UI

The reordering of sessions has been completely redone, matching the reordering process of syllabus sections and quiz questions. You will no longer get stuck in the process of dragging and dropping class session boxes.

Screen capture of the revised interface for reordering the display of class sessions

Finally, class sessions can now use both a default session evaluation from a template and have multiple other surveys linked to that session.

We hope that all of these changes will make your time in the class sessions tool a more pleasant one. If you have questions or comments, please contact CTL Help!

Posted by Brian Klaas at 1:49 PM - Categories: CoursePlus

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