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Jan 31 2017

Important Notes About LiveTalk for Chrome and Safari Users

Both Chrome and Safari have made changes in recent months which can (and do) adversely affect using those Web browsers for participating in LiveTalks.


By default, Chrome blocks access to your microphone, which is important for participating in LiveTalks. CTL Help has a Frequently Asked Question which walks you through the process of allowing Chrome to access your microphone during LiveTalks. Please be sure to review this information so you know how to give Chrome permission to access your microphone during LiveTalk!


By default, the Flash Player is turned off in Safari 10. It will appear to websites that Flash is simply not installed, and you will always get a message saying that you need to install the Flash Player — even if you have already installed the latest version of the Flash Player.

To enable Flash Player in Safari 10, you must do the following:

  1. In Safari, go to Preferences > Security
  2. Make sure that “Enable Plug-ins” is checked.
  3. Click “Plug-in Settings”
  4. Select “Adobe Flash Player” from the list. If Flash is not installed, it will not appear in the list of available plug-ins. 
  5. Once enabled the plug-in is enabled by clicking the checkbox next to "Adobe Flash Player," set the “When visiting other websites” option at the bottom of the screen to either “Ask” or “On.”
  6. You can add specific websites (i.e.; only) to this screen, so that Flash is only allowed to run on specific websites and not everywhere, but the website must be open in your web browser at the time.

If you need help making this change, please contact CTL Help!

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Jan 23 2017

Tracking the Work You've Done in Online Courses

If you've been taking online courses in the current academic year, you may have noticed that when you watched a lecture, a black checkmark would appear next to the listing for that lecture on the main course content page in the course website. This indicated that you had watched that lecture. This was helpful, to a limited extent, but many students wanted more.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to track if you completed Drop Box assignments, or readings, LiveTalks, or other activities in an online course beyond watching a lecture? Now you can. Starting with the third term, you'll see a "Completed?" checkbox next to every item on the main course content page in online courses.

Example of checkmarks indicating items on the course schedule are complete

CoursePlus will automatically track if you have completed watching a lecture, or taking a quiz, or completing a survey. In the near future, we'll be adding peer evaluations and LiveTalks to that list. You can use the checkboxes on the main course content page to track if you've completed Drop Box assignments, projects, or any other item listed on the main course content page.

You can mark a checkbox as completed at any time, or unmark one that CoursePlus has already marked as completed for you. This way, you have a quick visual way in the course website to help you track if you've done everything that is expected of you in the course.

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