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Sep 28 2016

New Table Tools in the Rich Text Editor in CoursePlus

There's a powerful rich text editor used in many tools in CoursePlus. It's not quite the same as editing a document in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, but it provides a lot of formatting and media insertion options when creating text in CoursePlus. While this tool has had table editing tools for a long time, we heard from some faculty that they didn't know that they could add tables to text fields in CoursePlus, and that editing table layout and properties was just too hard.

We're pleased to announce that the rich text editor found throughout CoursePlus has an all-new, easily discoverable set of tools for creating tables!  The new tools make setting up a table, adding or deleting rows and columns, and merging rows and cells much easier:

Icons representing the new table tools in CoursePlus.

The new table tools can be found at the top of almost every rich text editor in CoursePlus. We hope you find them easier to use than before!

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Sep 23 2016

Important Notice about Safari 10 and LiveTalk


Safari 10 was released on Tuesday, September 20, and includes a significant change which affects attending LiveTalks.

By default, the Flash Player is turned off in Safari 10. It will appear to websites that Flash is simply not installed, and you will always get a message saying that you need to install the Flash Player — even if you have already installed the latest version of the Flash Player.

To enable Flash Player in Safari 10, you must do the following:

  1. In Safari, go to Preferences > Security
  2. Make sure that “Enable Plug-ins” is checked.
  3. Click “Plug-in Settings”
  4. Select “Adobe Flash Player” from the list. If Flash is not installed, it will not appear in the list of available plug-ins. 
  5. Once enabled the plug-in is enabled by clicking the checkbox next to "Adobe Flash Player," set the “When visiting other websites” option at the bottom of the screen to either “Ask” or “On.”

You can add specific websites (i.e.; only) to this screen, so that Flash is only allowed to run on specific websites and not everywhere, but the website must be open in your web browser at the time.

If you need help making this change, please contact CTL Help!

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Sep 6 2016

Cleaning Up the Syllabus Builder Interface

In addition to making significant improvements to the printed version of a syllabus in CoursePlus, the CoursePlus team has also cleaned up the Syllabus Builder tool interface to make it easier on the eyes. We've removed a lot of visual clutter and extra whitespace so the whole page has a leaner, more readable look. Sepecifically, we've:

  • Taken the sidebar of suggested sections and put it into a drop-down button at the top of the page
  • Removed some of the suggested sections in the sidebar because they were never used in the past two years
  • Reduced the box sizes and font sizes of section headers
  • Reduced blank space between sections
  • Provided a "Collapse/Expand All Sections" tool so you can quickly see all the sections on the page
  • Removed the "See Student View of the Syllabus" button because that's available from the "Syllabus" menu at the very top of the page

We hope that these changes make it an easier tool for everyone to use!

Posted by Brian Klaas at 11:05 AM - Categories: CoursePlus

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