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Apr 27 2015

Reminder: End of Support for IE9 in CoursePlus

Earlier this year, we announced that as of June 1, 2015, Internet Explorer 9 will no longer be a supported in CoursePlus. There will be no issue signing in to CoursePlus with Internet Explorer 9 before June 1, 2015. However, after that date, an increasing number of tools and services in CoursePlus will no longer work with Internet Explorer 9.

JSHPH IT will gladly assist you with updating your computer to a later version of Internet Explorer, and you are encouraged to use an alternate browser, like Google Chrome.

For the reasoning behind ending support for Internet Explorer 9 in CoursePlus, please see our previous post on the topic.

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Apr 14 2015

Lots of Little Changes to CoursePlus

In addition to the bigger changes we've covered in previous blog posts, lots of small changes have been made to CoursePlus in the last couple of months. Remember that you can follow @CoursePlus on Twitter to get all of these updates as they happen!

  • When printing a syllabus for an on-site course, the list of files from the Online Library, Drop Boxes, quizzes, surveys, and peer assessments for each session are displayed in the printed version just as they are on the course website.
  • The person who uploads slides via the LiveTalk slides upload tool now also receives a copy of the upload confirmation message.
  • Making an on-campus site available or unavailable to students is correctly reflected in the UI when leaving and returning to the main faculty tools page.
  • The "did you answer all the questions in the quiz" validation script now works properly when you have a multiple choice question with only one possible answer.
  • A problem with the last question in a quiz being duplicated when the question is in a question block and is a multiple-choice, multiple answer question on a multiple access quiz has been fixed.
  • Improvements have been made to the quiz copy script to help prevent copy issues when a quiz is copied into a second course, and then that copy is itself copied into a third course.
  • Multiple courses which use a single, combined site for multiple sections of a course or multiple course numbers now display a message at the top of the syllabus which says "This course uses the site for (link to other offering)(course number the site is merged into)(/link) instead of its own course website. Please refer to that CoursePlus site instead."
  • Clicking the "Think Green" banner on the student Online Library page now opens the target page in the new tab instead of a pop-up window.
  • The core layout and display framework used by CoursePlus (called Bootstrap) has been updated to the latest version, which includes a number of small accessibility improvements.

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