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Nov 30 2015

JHED Sign In is Coming to CoursePlus!

At long last, you'll soon be able to sign into CoursePlus with your JHED ID. This is probably the most frequently-requested enhancement we've had for CoursePlus.

When JHED sign-in support arrives in CoursePlus, you'll click a "Sign in with JHED" button and sign in just like you would for JHU Webmail, Student and Faculty Self-Service, and library services.

Sign in with JHED button

If you have your JHED ID in your CoursePlus account, we'll automatically link your JHED login with your CoursePlus account, and you'll be good to go. If we can't find a matching JHED ID in an existing CoursePlus account, we'll create a new CoursePlus account for you.

It's important to note the following:

  • The CoursePlus account will still exist for people who don't have JHED IDs.
  • Once you successfully sign in with your JHED ID, you can't sign in with your CoursePlus account any more. This is done to ensure a high level of security for your JHED account information.
  • You need to have your JHED ID in your CoursePlus account in order to have an existing CoursePlus account linked up when you sign in via JHED.

We are also ending the use of the my.jhsph sign-in for faculty and academic coordinators in CoursePlus. Faculty and academic coordinators can sign in via JHED and see their courses just as they did before, using the my.jhsph sign-in. JHED sign-in completely replaces the my.jhsph sign-in.

We expect JHED sign in to go live between January 4-7, 2016.

If you have questions about the upcoming JHED sign in, please contact CTL Help!

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Nov 20 2015

A Refresh to the Student View of the Online Library

The Online Library is the most frequently used tool in CoursePlus. We recently made some changes to the student view of the Online Library in a CoursePlus site to put the focus on the files and weblinks in the Online Library, and not the metadata about those files and weblinks.

Here's what the student view of the Online Library looked like before this refresh:

Original version of the Online Library

And here's what the same Online Library looks like now:

Updated version of the Online Library

Overall, there's less scrolling and greater clarity of information, and the focus is more on the files and links, where it should be.

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Nov 3 2015

Emoji Reactions in the Discussion Forum

Since the launch of the current Discussion Forum tool in 2012, we have been asked if students or faculty could offer one-click responses other than "Agree." Students and faculty can click a simple link to agree with any post in the discussion forum, without having to create a new post stating that they agree with what is being said. However, only having a tool to allow someone to "agree" is limiting. Individuals often want to express more emotions or ideas about a post than simply agreeing to it.

We have added support for a number of other reactions to a post in the Discussion Forum. We are using emoji to help display the various reactions without taking up a lot of screen real estate. For each reaction that is selected, a counter appears next to the emoji indicating the number of people who selected that reaction. Mousing over the counter number reveals the names of the people who selected that reaction.

The reactions that we now support in the Discussion Forum are:

  • Agree
  • Disagree
  • Interesting
  • Like
  • Surprising
  • Thoughtful
  • Exciting
  • Powerful
  • Confusing

We hope you enjoy the additional expressiveness that emoji reactions in the Discussion Forum now provide.

If you think there are additional reaction emoji we should add, please let us know!

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