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Oct 27 2015

Portfolio Enhancements for October

The CoursePlus team really listens to the faculty, staff and students who use CoursePlus every day. We're always adding new features and making changes based on the feedback we receive. This especially true when a new tool gets rolled out to CoursePlus.

We've made a slew of changes to the portfolio tool which was introduced this August to CoursePlus. These changes are all the direct result of the feedback we've received from the people using the portfolio tool.

  • Students can now download all files in their Evidence Library as a single ZIP file. 
  • Portfolio touchpoint available and due dates now appear in both the student "My Calendar" view and in the daily CoursePlus notifications email.
  • The student reflection rich text editor now includes a word count display.
  • Student publishing views now include a nicely cropped JHU logo on the page.
  • System admins can now set a specific program to not use School-wide competencies.
  • Program admins can create touchpoints which do not include any competency listing for or editing by students.
  • Program admins can now reorder the display of competencies in a competency group.
  • A standard activity report for each touchpoint has been added: people who have completed the touchpoint.
  • The display of Not Submitted / Awaiting Review / Completed for each touchpoint on the main program admin page is now in the more standard "red -> yellow -> green" descending order.
  • Touchpoints which have due dates of more than 30 days in the past are now shown at the bottom of the list of all touchpoints for a cohort on the main program admin page under the header "Past Touchpoints".
  • When viewing the reports of people who have or have not completed a touchpoint, or the report of advisors who still need to review an advisee's touchpoint, administrators can click on a student name in the report and be taken directly to that student's touchpoint.
  • The alert window that appears when the import of an Excel file of faculty advisors completes now remains on the screen for 30 seconds, rather than 5, so you have time to read the names of the people who couldn't be matched.
  • The legend for competency levels in the timeline view is no longer empty.
  • The marker indicating which point in a timeline you are currently viewing is now green, instead of red, which made advisors think that there was a problem that needed to be addressed on that touchpoint.
  • Touchpoint titles in the timeline view have been simplified, removing the open date for the touchpoint and the word "Touchpoint" itself.
  • The display of headers for competency groups has been cleaned up and streamlined for easier viewing.
  • When a student opts to hide a competency group on their Dashboard, that competency group no longer shows in individual touchpoints.
  • Reordering the display of competency groups in the program admin is now correctly reflected in the student view.

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Oct 21 2015

New Role: Course Coordinator

CoursePlus has long list of roles that an individual can assume in a given course: course faculty, TA, guest faculty, site content editor, student, guest, and so on. Each role has a distinct set of permissions that enable (or prevent) certain actions within a course website. The CoursePlus team occasionally adds new roles to the system based on the feedback we receive from you.

A new "course coordinator" role has been added to CoursePlus. This role has the same permissions in as a TA in a course, but is intended to provide clear distinction of the individual from the TAs in the course. This role is not meant as a replacement for the TA role, and should only be used by coordinators listed as such in the School's course system or administrative staff acting as a coordinator on a course.

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Oct 6 2015

The Online Library Trash Can

Deleting files in the Online Library is a drag-and-drop affair. You simply drag the item you want to delete into the trash can that appears in the middle of the page. However, the trash can isn't particularly large in size and it scrolls down the page as you scroll the window. This has caused problems for people who may have motor skill impairment or aren't just really good at targeting items on the screen with the mouse.

As such, we've changed the trash can behavior in the Online Library so that the trash can now gets really big and turns red when you start dragging a file. This makes the trash can target much bigger and easier to reach for everyone.

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