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May 29 2014

Change Your TAs from the "Editor" Role to the "TA" Role in the New CoursePlus

With the arrival of the new CoursePlus, faculty have more options when it comes to the administrative roles to which individuals are assigned in your course sites.

In the old CoursePlus, there were only two non-student roles: faculty and editors. In the new CoursePlus, there are many more roles: faculty, TA, site content editor, and guest faculty. The "Add TAs, Editors, Guest Faculty, and Guests" tool in your course site has the details about what each role can do, but there is one key change about the role of editors vs. the role of TAs in the new CoursePlus: editors don't have access to grading activities (including the Gradebook) in the new CoursePlus. The "site content editor" role in the new CoursePlus is really just that: a role for individuals like academic coordinators and administrative assistants to edit content in your site. It is not a role for people who need to enter grades in the Gradebook.

Your TAs should be put into the TA role in the new CoursePlus, not the editor role — unless you don't want your TAs doing any grade-related work.

When we were building the new CoursePlus, we realized that there was no way for us to know if an individual in the old CoursePlus was really a TA or what we now term a site content editor. We could not arbitrarily change everyone who was an editor in the new CoursePlus to be a TA in the new CoursePlus because that would mean giving a good number of people access to grades and grading activities who should not have that access.

For existing sites and sites you may create this upcoming academic year, you may need to go into the site and remove the editor role for someone who is a TA and give them the TA role instead.

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May 27 2014

One Last Reminder Before the CoursePlus Merge: Supported Web Browsers

Tomorrow — Wednesday, May 28, 2014 — the new CoursePlus goes live. We've covered many of the changes in detail in other blog posts, but the fastest way to learn about what is new and different is this five minute video.

We also wanted to remind everyone that there are technical requirements for using CoursePlus, all of which are listed on the CTL Computing Requirements page. If you are still running Windows XP as your opertating system, you must use either Chrome or Firefox as your Web browser. Internet Explorer 8 (which many Windows XP systems still run) is not supported by CoursePlus. We stopped supporting Internet Explorer 8 back in January, 2012. While you could still access CoursePlus using IE8 with occasional problems, you will not be able to sign into the new CoursePlus with Internet Explorer 8. You will have to use an alternative (and more up-to-date and secure) browser.

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May 22 2014

Change to the "Preview Quiz" Page in the Quiz Generator

When a faculty, TA or staff member previews a quiz in the online course system, they have two options to choose from: "Test the Quiz as a Faculty/TA/Staff member" and "Test the Quiz as a Student.” These two options are nearly identical, and the separate links were only added after we received feedback years ago from a handful of people who weren't sure what things would look like to students vs. faculty who were taking or testing a quiz.

The only functional difference between "Test the Quiz as a Faculty/TA/Staff member" and "Test the Quiz as a Student” on that page is that clicking the "Test the Quiz as a Faculty/TA/Staff member" link resets your attempt on the quiz every time, whereas the "Test the Quiz as a Student" link lets you pick up where you left off on a multi-access quiz. Even so, if you access a multi-access quiz on the "test as student" link, you're presented with the option to start over with a new copy anyway. There's no real difference between the two links.

As such, we have combined the "Test the Quiz as a Faculty/TA/Staff member" and "Test the Quiz as a Student” links on this page into a single link titled “Test the Quiz."

The single “Test the Quiz” link will act the same as the current "Test the Quiz as a Student” link in that if you access a multi-access quiz on the "Test as student" link, you're presented with the option to start over with a new copy anyway.

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May 20 2014

If You Need Access to Your Old CoursePlus BBS After the Merge

The BBS tool in the current CoursePlus system is being replaced during the CoursePlus merge by a new Discussion Forum tool that has been in use in the online course system for two academic years. The data that exists in current CoursePlus BBS's will not be copied into the merged CoursePlus. The data will continue to exist in the old system, and will not be altered in any way.

There isn't a link to the old BBS system in the merged CoursePlus system. If you need this link for any reason, please contact CTL Help with the appropriate course number and they will get the correct link to you. Once you have this link, you will be able to access your old CoursePlus BBS just as you could before.

The old BBS system will be retired on September 1, 2014, and access to that system will be cut off after that time.

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May 9 2014

Reminder: Access to AY2012-2013 Course Sites Ends on May 23, 2014

The current CTL course access policy states that faculty, staff, and students have access to course websites for the current and previous academic years. The 2013-2014 academic year ends on Friday, May 23, 2014 — the day after convocation.

This means that access to courses in the 2012-2013 academic year will end on Friday, May 23, 2014. Students are strongly encouraged to download files and other information that they need from 2012-2013 academic year course sites before Friday, May 23, 2014. It will not be possible to access 2012-2013 academic year course sites after that time.

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May 7 2014

New Poll Everywhere Features

Attention Poll Everywhere users. Some new features have been introduced this past year that you may want to incorporate into your upcoming classes. Here are some highlights, along with instructions on how to implement.

  • Clickable image polls.  Clickable image polls allow you to ask your audience to respond by clicking or tapping the area of an image you upload.  You can use it for photographs, illustrations, charts etc. Test it out!
  • Graphical instructions for open-response polls. Sometimes your audience doesn’t quite get which code to put in front of their message. Or perhaps you want a dramatic unveiling of the responses. You want to show the poll question, but not the results until they’re all in.  Instructions.
  • HTML5 charts.  Improves PowerPoint reliability, better navigation between polls, customizable fonts, improved appearance on tablets and phones.  Instructions.
  • Scheduling polls to automatically start and stop. You can start and stop your polls at a time you schedule in advance. Instructions.

To see more new Poll Everywhere features, visit the website.

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May 6 2014

5-Minute Look at What's New and Different in CoursePlus for Faculty

The 5-minute video below provides an overview of what is new and different in the merged CoursePlus, and is targeted to faculty who have used CoursePlus in the past. Even if you only have two minutes to spare, just watch that long to see the new interface and get a sense of the major differences between the old and new systems.

Remember also that we previously posted a video on signing in and setting up a site in the new CoursePlus, so if you haven't watched that video yet, it's worth the two minutes and thirty-eight seconds of your time to watch that!


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