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May 26 2009

Special School Events and Seminars Now Online

Have you missed special live School seminars or events due to locality or scheduling conflicts? This past academic year, our center began recording selected live events and publishing them on the CTLT Web event page. Now, all students at JHSPH, online or onsite, have an opportunity to hear speakers relevant to their studies and careers at JHSPH.

There are currently 16 events posted on the site and more are being added every month.

Recently, we added the following special events:

  • Peter Agre, MD: Aquaporin Water Channels: From Atomic Structure to Malaria
  • Anne Riley, PhD: The Public Health Consequences of Depression in Families
  • Rafael Irizarry, PhD: The Role of Statistics in the Genomic Revolution: Rescuing Signal from a Sea of Noise
In most cases, you can choose to watch either a video of the event or to listen to the recorded audio. There is no special log-in required to view the presentations.

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May 26 2009

New eLearning Account Management Tool

Create an Account LogoCurrently, access to both CoursePlus and online course Web sites requires everyone to have a JHSPH eLearning account. The scope of individuals who need access to CoursePlus and online course Web sites is bigger than those who need access to the JHSPH portal or email, or even JHED. As a result, a separate username and password is required to access to both CoursePlus and online course Web sites.

JHSPH eLearning accounts are created either when first accessing CoursePlus, or when registering for Introduction to Online Learning. One of the problems with having two places in which accounts can be created is that people sometimes think that they need one username and password for CoursePlus and one for online courses, and that is simply not true. Additionally, if you create your account using CoursePlus and you need to update your eLearning account information, you're taken to the online courses Web site, which may be confusing. Finally, if you only use CoursePlus, you may not know that your eLearning account has a personal profile section, in which you can upload photos and provide more information about yourself to your fellow students and faculty.

To remedy these issues, and others, a new eLearning Account Management site has been created. This site provides a unified interface for creating and updating eLearning accounts, regardless if you're coming from CoursePlus, Introduction to Online Learning, or other online courses at JHSPH. On this site, you can:


  • Create a JHSPH eLearning account.
  • Retrieve your JHSPH eLearning account information should you forget it.
  • Update your JHSPH eLearning account information, including the email address (or addresses) to which CoursePlus and online course emails are sent.
  • Update your JHSPH eLearning profile, including your profile photo, list of public health interests, Facebook link, and more.
  • Update proctor information for online courses which require proctors for exams.
The JHSPH eLearning Account Management site is located at


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May 20 2009

Homayoon Farzadegan: Top Internet-Course Faculty 2009

2009 Johns Hopkins Alumni Association Excellence in Teaching Award winners in the School of Public Health: Homayoon Farzadegan, Amy Tsui, Marie Diener-West, and Ann-Michele Gundlach (Photography: Homewood Imaging and Photographic Services)

Each year, the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association salutes those who excel in the art of instruction with its Excellence in Teaching Awards. Homayoon Farzadegan, who teaches three Internet-based courses, is one of the 2009 award recipients. The following article from the May 18, 2009 The JHU Gazette ("Honor Roles for Top Faculty") highlights Dr. Farzadegan's online course pursuits. Thanks to The Gazette for reprint permission.
Homayoon Farzadegan, Epidemiology, Internet class
- Natalie Wood-Wright

Connecting with students isn't easy — especially online — but for four-time Golden Apple recipient Homayoon Farzadegan, his ability to connect using technology is the key to his students' success.

"I try to go beyond the standard prerecorded lectures and encourage the sense of an online learning community," Farzadegan says.

Farzadegan, a professor in the Bloomberg School's Department of Epidemiology, is this year's winner for an Internet-based course. Epidemiology and Public Health Impact of HIV/AIDS is a mix of lectures, live talks by experts on related topics and group presentations developed by students.

Farzadegan promotes an online open-door policy to foster communication with students.

"I encourage my students to talk to me and to each other — it's the best way to learn," Farzadegan says. "All e-mails and questions submitted by students are answered typically within 48 hours; this ensures my students don't fall behind if they are confused by a subject or topic. If you are available to students, they feel it and are more encouraged to learn."

Farzadegan is happy to tell anyone that teaching is his passion, and he works to ensure that his students learn in a relaxed and stress-free environment. Whether online or in class, he admits that he, too, is a student and learns a great deal from his students and teaching assistants. He credits them with pushing him to present the most relevant and up-to-date materials in interesting ways.

"Dr. Farzadegan is one of the most dedicated professors I know. When it comes to his students, he spends a lot of time thinking about how to present material in a way that will be effective and engaging — this is particularly true of his online courses," says Meghan Davis, a Bloomberg School doctoral candidate.

Looking to the future, Farzadegan says he believes that online courses will become a major component in education, as the classes give students the flexibility to view lectures at their own pace and from various locations. In the past, he has had students from up to 10 different countries participating in a course. With this in mind, he now offers all three of his courses online and on campus. Over time, he says, he has seen the online courses gain popularity and open doors to students with lifestyles that prohibit them from traveling to class several times a week.

Farzadegan credits the success of Epidemiology and Public Health Impact of HIV/AIDS to the many "bright young minds that walk the halls of the Bloomberg School and my colleagues, who through state-of-the art lectures, share their expertise and experience with my students."

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May 18 2009

Possible New Online Courses

Aren't blogs for reporting the news before the mainstream media picks up the story off the wire? I'll preview five possible new online courses for academic year 2009-10. Each of the courses below should be highlighted with an asterisk, as they are unofficial until submitted and approved by the Catalog Subcommittee. Courses are official when they appear in the  Course Search listings at

Because the Bloomberg School of Public Health offers over 60 online courses every year, this is hardly considered breaking news, but in 1999 the first 35 Internet-based MPH students were dying to know what the new courses would be each year. Without further delay, here are five courses proposed for online development for 2009-10.


Course # Course Title Faculty
380.603.81 Demographic Methods for Public Health (4) Agree Indirect Estimation Hill
330.612.81 Introduction to Behavioral and Psychiatric Genetics (3) Zandi
340.701.81 Epidemiologic Applications of GIS (2) Castillo-Salgado
380.762.81 HIV Infection in Women, Children, and Adolescents (4) Brahmbhatt


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May 13 2009

New Teaching Resources Website

What is the oldest profession in the world? Teaching, of course! But as old and venerable as it is, the field is always challenging and indeed ever changing.

This is why the JHSPH Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology has established a Teaching Resources website: to provide faculty, teaching assistants, staff and visitors with timely information about teaching and learning in the Bloomberg School of Public Health and in higher education in general.

Managed by the CTLT instructional design team, the website includes a plethora of documents and web links that cover face-to-face and online teaching. Categories and subcategories include --

Designing your Course

  • Creating Course Objectives
  • Planning your Syllabus
  • Facilitating Learning
  • Navigating Copyright and Intellectual Property
  • Developing Lectures

Managing your Course

  • Encouraging Participation
  • Providing Feedback
  • Grading and Assessing
  • Course Evaluations
  • Academic Ethics
  • ISIS - Student Information System

Teaching with Technology

  • On-campus
  • Distance
  • Tech Help Documents

Additional Resources

  • Journals
  • Organizations, Conferences, Workshops
  • Free eBooks & Handouts
  • Images, Video, & Multimedia Libraries

The CTLT Teaching Resources site is open to the general public. Please visit often and share this link:

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